An Indian Gaming 2018 Tradeshow Message

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April 4, 2018

Over 70 hours of learning to be presented at Indian Gaming 2018 with our Workshop Sessions!

Happy April!

Indian Gaming 2018 is just around the corner, and we are excited to be presenting a four-day event that promises to bring an extensive agenda celebrating our Indian gaming industry and the advancement of tribal communities and beyond. 

On April 17-20, 2018, our Indian gaming industry will converge upon the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, and once again the Indian Gaming 2018 lineup of events includes over 70 hours of learning presented by top leaders in the gaming industry in our pre-conference and conference and gaming commissioner certification sessions. Here is a highlight of what you can look forward to in our expansive workshop sessions.

On Wednesday, April 18, we present a full day of sessions structured around the many of our hot topics in our industry.  In our Casino Operations track, session topics include, “New Techniques in Slot Analytics: From Artificial Intelligence to Big Data,” “Regulating Your Relationship: Gaming Commissions and Casino Operations,” “Taking Command: Tribal Leadership in Casino Management,” “Meet the Gatekeepers of Entertainment: How to Write a Better Offer & Be More  Competitive,” “Yield Management: Theory and Practice,” “More Bang for Your Buck…Luxury on a Budget” and “Title 31/AML: Enforcement Actions, Marijuana Considerations, and Due Diligence Procedures.”

Our Emerging Gaming track will present the following discussions, “Mobile On-Premise Gaming 101: A Game Changer, “Tribal iGaming:  It’s Already Happening,” “Sports Betting in Tribal Country: An Operations Perspective,” “ESports: Beyond the Hype.  What are the Real Opportunities?” “Innovation in Skill Gaming: Where We’re at and Where It’s Going’ and “Innovation in the Consumer Age.”

The Enterprise Track of sessions will include, “Strategic Planning: A New Vision for Tribal Economy,” “The Biggest Trends in Tribal Gaming Resorts: Turning Challenges into Opportunities through Strategic Integration and Positioning,” “Implementing Effective Diversification Due Diligence Strategies in New Gaming and Hospitality Markets,” “You’ve Got Gas,” “Master Planning & Development: Driving Diversified & Integrating Guest Expectation, “Creating Diverse Economic Opportunity and Growth Through Investing in Startup Companies” and “The Business & Politics of Cannabis: A Tribal P.O.V.”

Our Finance track will focus on the following topics of discussion, “Introduction to Finance, Accounting, Compliance, and Auditing Concepts for Tribal Gaming Commissioners,” “Going Paperless with Back Office Accounting with Cloud-Based,” “Internal Audit Best Practices: Class II and Class III MICS,” “Tribal Leadership: Concepts on Fiscal Responsibilities and Tips for Board Level Reporting,” “Accounting for Complimentary Items, Promotions, and Free Play” and “Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies: Information Session.”

The Gaming Technology Track includes, “Emerging Cybersecurity Threats to Casino Operations,” “Class II Technical Standards on Grandfathering: How Do You Comply?” “Behavioral Analytics – The Path to Personalization,” “Why Class II is Important to Your Game Mix in Your Casino” and “Successful Development in a Maturing Gaming Market.”

We will look at Legislative/Policy issues, with sessions entitled, “The 2018 Farm Bill: The Importance of Food Sovereignty to Indian Country,” “What’s New in Indian Gaming? A Review of Litigation, Legislation, and DOI Initiative,” “Indian Gaming Regulatory Act at 30: The Future of Lands Eligible for Gaming Compacts and Indian Gaming,” “The Modern Politics of Indian Gaming: Tribes V. States,” “Best Practices in Tribal Governance for a New Generation,” “The Department of Justice Under President Trump: Cannabis and Other Priorities Impacting Indian Country,” “Land into Trust for Gaming Under the Trump Administration” and “Alan Meister: The Economic Impact of Indian Gaming on Tribes & Surrounding Communities.”

The Management & Development sessions include “How to Be a Leader in these Uncertain Times,” “Labor and Benefits in Tribal Casinos: Critical Tools and Opportunities to Save Money,” “Best Practices and Hot Topics in Human Resources,” “Increase Performance by Engaging a Multi-Generational Workforce,” “Exciting STEM Initiatives to Develop Tribal Workforces for the Future,” and “A CEO Perspective on Enterprise Leadership and Transformation.”

In our Marketing track topics include, “Promoting, Marketing and Leveraging Tribal Causes and Casino Charities,” “Branding, Loyalty Programs, and Customer Retention,” “Why Your Profitability Depends on Aggregating Your Data to Understand the True Worth of a Player,” “Hidden Marketing Costs,” “Success with Marketing Analytics: An Operator’s Perspective,” and “How to Transition Your Direct Mail Program to Digital.”   

The National Indian Gaming Commission track will cover the following sessions, “National Guidance on the Issues, “Internal Audit 2.0,” “The Requirement of IGRA & the Pitfalls of Non-Compliance,” “Game Performance,” and “Gamesmanship 3.0,” 543.8 Bingo Toolkit.”

Our Regulation and Compliance sessions will cover such topics as, “Applying Investigative and Background Screenings Resources to Thoroughly Screen Today’s Trends,” “Compliance: Removing the Good vs. Evil from Gaming Regulation,” “Know Your Customer – Title 31 Compliance,” “Licensing: Past, Present, & Future,” “Big Idea: Small Budget,” and “Internal Audit Best Practices 2018 – Beyond the Checklists.”

Security & Surveillance sessions include, “Employee Theft in the Gaming industry: Schemes, Red Flags, and Prevention,” “Anti-Money Laundering for Investigator, Surveillance, and Security

See Legislative & Policy Track,” “Report Writing: What Regulators Need to Know,” “Remote Access Monitoring into Your Network,” and “Protecting Tribal Data in the Age of the Data Breach.”

The Tribal Gaming Protection Network workshop session will include, “Hearings & Appeals: What a Regulator Should Know, “Active Shooter: Perspectives from Casino Operations and Gaming Commissions,” “Human Trafficking Part 1: Hidden in Plain Sight. What to Look for?” “Social Trends in Licensing,” and “Human Trafficking Part 2: Hidden in Plain Sight. What to Do?” “Body Language on the Gaming Floor and How to Look for Red Flags.”

Our Women in Tribal Gaming sessions topics will focus on “Protecting Our Human Capital, Our Sisters – A Talking Circle,” “The Value of a Mentor/Mentee Program,” Strategic Solutions from the Pros,” “Female Leadership in Tribal Gaming. Where are They and Why are They Missing?” “Women in Charge: Driving Progress. Reshaping the Future,” and “Paulette Jordan: Empowerment Through Perseverance.”

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With 60 sessions from experts across the industry, the 2018 Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention is a learning experience you can’t afford to miss!  It’s shaping up to be a great show, and we know you’re going to be busy.

Make sure to be a part!
See you in Las Vegas!