Response to NIGC 2022 Budget & 2020 Data Collection

National Indian Gaming Association Member Tribes

Ernie Stevens, Jr., Chairman
Jason Giles, Executive Director
Danielle Her Many Horses, Deputy Director/General Counsel

Response to NIGC 2022 Budget & 2020 Data Collection
September 15th, 2020

The National Indian Gaming Commission has sent three (3) Dear Tribal Leader Letters with regards to Tribal Input on the NIGC FY 2021 Budget. The National Indian Gaming Association has been closely following their correspondence, especially as it relates to assessable gross gaming revenue and “free play,” which for 30 years has been deemed to be “contra-revenue.”

We will continue to monitor the NIGC budget process, but at a minimum during this national pandemic and economic crisis, the NIGC should curb its fees, budget and new hiring in light of reduced Indian gaming revenues. Currently, the NIGC has notified the OMB that they intend to hire 22 new Full-Time Employees for FY 2021. Tribal Governments have made difficult staff choices including furloughs and lay-offs in the face of declining tribal government revenues. Tribal Government Gaming should not be assessed new fees to fund expanding operations at the NIGC during these difficult times.

Attached is a Model Response Letter for your Tribal Government. Please send us a BCC of the letter that you send to the NIGC.
Please contact Danielle Her Many Horses at if you have any questions or concerns with this alert.

Download NIGC Model Response Letter