Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act Passes House of Representatives

NIGA Member Tribes

Chairman Ernest L. Stevens Jr.
Jason C. Giles, Executive Director
Danielle Her Many Horses, Deputy Executive Director/General Counsel

Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act Passes House of Representatives
January 11th, 2018

On January 10, the House of Representatives passed S. 140, which includes the Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act. The bill will amend the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) to include Indian tribes and tribally owned enterprises operating on Indian lands in the NLRA's government exemption. Indian tribes are the only governments not exempted from the NLRA through its government exemption.

The bill passed by a bi-partisan vote of 239-173. While there is still work to be done in the Senate, we would like to take time to thank all tribal nations, tribal leaders, tribal members, and the intertribal organizations across the Country, for your continuous hard work and outreach. Our message ensures that Congress understands this issue is about respect for tribal sovereignty, self-governance, and self-determination.

We wish to thank all the Representatives who voted in favor of TLSA. We encourage our Member Tribes to contact these Representatives offices to thank them for their support and recognition of tribal sovereignty and the right of tribes as sovereigns to make their own laws.

A special thank you to Congressman Todd Rokita (R-IN) for his leadership and years of hard work on this issue to build support for this legislation in the halls of Congress.

Again, while we have made significant progress thus far, our work must continue to ensure that the bill passes in the Senate. Please continue to contact your Senators to request their co-sponsorship and support of S. 63. We have seen our hard work and outreach prevail in the House, and we need to keep up the pressure and momentum for this to become law.

Please contact Danielle Her Many Horses, Deputy Executive Director if you have any questions or concerns with this alert.