Statement From Chairman Ernie Stevens, Jr., National Indian Gaming Association

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January 6, 2021

January 6, 2021

Dear National Indian Gaming Association Members:

As you have probably witnessed, there is active protest activity in the Nation’s Capital and within the National Indian Gaming Association’s Capitol Hill District area.

Our offices are safe and secure within the established security zone and none of our employees are at the offices. D.C. has been under a Phase 1 shutdown order since December 20th due to the Covid-19 pandemic and employees have continued to work remotely.

The D.C. Metropolitan Police and federal Capitol Hill Police have been coordinating with residents and businesses in the Capitol Hill District Area. There is a curfew in effect until this Friday. Our staff remains accessible as always during working hours via email and phone.

Please send your hopes and prayers for our Country and the democratic process that Congress is trying to fulfill under our Constitution. We will come through these events stronger and with a renewed appreciation of our freedoms.

Do not hesitate to contact any of our hard working staff and I will update you as events proceed.

Thank you.